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Beware of Belgians Bearing Books

My friends: be careful, be safe, be wary and err on the side of taking care of yourself. I am coming down off a nightmare. It is a nightmare, and I have no one to blame but my foolish self. About 6 years ago I met a man on one of those dating sites, the scourge of civilization IMHO. And of course, fool that I was, I feel for this European, seemingly wealthy, worldly, SINGLE (ha) man. So now you know. I didn’t, and that’s the pathetic part. Took me 6 months to emerge from my denial to finally realize the guy was married and I was merely his daliance.

Well, did I gather my skirts tight and head off into the sunset? No, no, no!! Can you believe it?  I hung on  because the guy had also “hired” me to do a myriad of writing, selling, and managing duties for his multitudious stable of websites. But the proverbial handwriting was screamingly evident not only in my personal experience with the lying lech, but also in his unstable and crazy business approach.

Bottom line: he was cheap, he lied, he used people, he had no business sense, and he was as bipolar as I’ve ever seen a human being.

Now, here are the stupid things I did, and the positively wretched thing he did: I never insisted on a contract. I trusted the ass. As a result, I had no employee status, no severance arrangements, no benefits, no specific performance expectations, and now I think you have the picture. So, one day, I got an IM, and that was it. Shop shut down, door closed, end of story, buh bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am really venting here, guys, but I do hope you can learn a little something from this:

  • Do not trust
  • Get a contract
  • Be firm and strong
  • Keep personal crap out of it