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About Maryanne

Wow, this is a bit like walking into that first class on the first day of school each semester — knowing you have to begin somewhere and hoping you hit it right. My name is Maryanne Donovan, aka MaryAnna Donovan, author of Why I Hate to Date (Online). More about that later.

They say the average number of careers these days is 7. Yeppers — and I do believe I’ve got that number beat. But as I kept telling my family members over the years – fodder, it’s all about fodder. It’s all about those experiences to help you grow, learn, and have tons to write about.

My latest career is a writing teacher, coach, and practitioner, and you can learn more about what I do at Donovan-Wright Associates.


Comments on: "About Maryanne" (1)

  1. Lynda McDaniel said:

    I’m doing some research on the cost of poor writing skills and your articles come up often! They’re very nicely written, by the way, professional yet packed with personality.

    I kept coming across this amazing stat: An incredible $225 billion is lost by business each year because of poor reading, writing, and math skills.

    Do you know the source of that survey/fact?

    Thanks so much!

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