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Perfect Pen or Perfect Perfume

Talk about expensive obsessions. For years now, I have been on the never-ending quest for both THE perfect pen and THE perfect perfume. How are these related? I’ve thought about that a bit, and I think that both of those things are highly personal ways of denoting our uniqueness. “Wow, where did you get that awesome pen?” (not BIC) or, “How refreshing and clean you smell!” (not Emeraude)

I have never been able to settle on a single scent, and if I like one today, chances are good I won’t like it tomorrow. This is not good. This is very EXPENSIVE! My son has fueled this propensity of mine even more. He is a free-wheeling, money-making 20-something who has something like 20 colognes, three of which are Creed. Now, if you’re not familiar with Creed, we’re talking big ones. As in bucks. Lovely scents, but still. So as he self-educates all about the merits (and not) of various scents, he keeps telling me I’ll love this, I have to get that, nd so on. Problem is — I do, what he says, that is.

Now, pens. I’m on my own with the pen obsession, and it probably stems way back to those little number and letter boxes we had in first and second grade. I loved those things. Don’t ask me to explain the correlation, just trust me, it’s there. My pen odyssey is, simply put, out of control. I have boxes of pens all over the house. I am not satisfied with just one pen, I have to get the package with one of each color. Then there are the expensive pens. I’ve held the reins somewhat on this, but I could still have put the money I’ve spent on pens to other, more sensible use.

The answer? I am looking for some really great smelling soap and I’m going to borrow my son’s BIC stick pen.