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Man oh man. I am just emerging from dealing with what to me was the loser of all clients. In fact, I have even fired the guy, and this is why:

  1. I am a writer. I am a writer of books. I am a writer of articles. I am also a college professor teaching — WRITING!
  2. I discovered an individual on LinkedIn who was obviously an ESL (English as a second language).
  3. I sent the guy a professional email offering my services to improve his image and communications.
  4. He took me up on it.
  5. I entered hell.

In all serious, I embarked upon a journey where I edited this guy’s stuff. Much of it was very unclear, but having knowledge in his field, I was able to figure it out. I asked him what kind of tone he wanted: formal or informal. He said informal. I gave him informal. He evidently really wanted formal.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line here is that I got a scathing email over the weekend from — guess who? Client from hell. It was about as unprofessional as it gets. It upset the heck out of me. It said my work was a mess. It didn’t say who, what, when, where and why my work was a mess.

Several rounds of emails later, I finally got the three examples of my “poor work,” work he said was incorrect. (He can’t speak English!!!), and work that was indeed, perfectly correct. In fact, one example was evidently where he made a mistake in downloading my edits from the Track Changes feature of Word, because when I went back to my copy of what I sent, the “error” was indeed not in it.

Now, there is more. During the course of this relationship, he had me download various things on my computer including MyDropbox, Teamviewer, and some other thing from his company. Argh! Ever since I have had these things on my computer, it is been a mess. In fact, I cannot uninstall the programs, also have  other very disturbing things going on, and the darn thing is now in for repair.

As you see, I feel the need to regale you with my tale of client woe. But I also write to warn you about the kinds of behaviors out there and to let you know, it’s okay to fire a client.

You know why it’s okay to fire a client? It’s okay because those clients that spew around a lot of negative energy will prey on you and awaken your negative energy. When you are spinning around with negative energy, the “good” stuff is repelled and you are only setting yourself up for attracting more clients that spew negative energy. In the long run, cut the spewers loose, re-engage your positive stuff, and watch the money pour into your coffers.


Comments on: "Are There Any Decent Clients Out There??" (3)

  1. How are things going Maryanne? Have you managed to get this “client” put to rest yet? Downloading his programs was a real big no, no and probably had spyware /viruses that infested you computer. I dabble in computer repair, so in the future, mention it to me, maybe I can help and not cost you an arm and a leg!

    • Hello, my friend. Still waiting for money (sound familiar??) but otherwise yes, he is a done deal. Thanks for asking. And how are you? Have any client discussions yourself these days?

  2. Hahaha, No, I don’t have any client issues. If I do they are good ones or such minor issues, it’s not even worth mentioning, so we are good in that department. Vet was out for Nicki today ( she was coming to see Raven anyway) and they jumped on board to get her shots, coggins and eye checked. All is good. She will be needing her teeth done soon or in the spring, so keep that in mind for your guy as I’m sure he’ll probably need something done in the near future also. It never ends with these horses.
    Barn Mom

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