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Sears: The Icon Falls


Sears sucks. Sears is another of the falling American icons. Sears is falling because it is mired in a cesspool of rigid policies that don’t account for the reality of its defective products purchased in good faith by unfortunate customers.

Here’s my story. (Promise, it’s short). I bought a lawnmower from Sears two years ago. Since then, I have had this lawnmower in for repairs — four times!! Here is the basic problem — it spews, I mean SPEWS blue smoke from both sides of the carburator, it backfires, it leaks oil all over itself, it sputters, it stalls — there’s more, but got the picture?

So, four times, each time pleading for a new mower. No, I was told repeatedly — it must be sent to the repair center, now in PA (used to be one here locally, but you know all about cost-cutting: screw the customer, make the bucks), and not until it was sent in the fifth time would replacement be considered. The warantee on the thing was good for two years – so that was an okay thing. But there was also this thing called winter where the lawnmower was stored away all snuggly in the backyard shed from early November through end of April. 

I took it out this year on May 4th, after having put it away for the winter directly from its most recent repair. Unfortunately I never used or tested it before using it for the first time this spring. Ma bad. Guess what? It’s ever WORSE than ever. And guess what, Sears REFUSES to do anything about it. And guess what again? I will NEVER buy another thing from Sears again, and I hope you don’t either!


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