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Boycott Outsourcing and Maybe it Will Go Away

SCREAM!! I’m mad as hell and I am simply NOT going to take it anymore.

Take what?

Take talking to some misguided soul on the other end of the phone with a thick accent, who I can’t understand worth squat, who reels off the party platform, “Thakyouverrrrymuch, Ms.Donovan. Yes, please, canyouhold,thankyou….” and it’s all fake, and it’s all canned, and it’s all making me MAD.

Okay, so here’s what I’ve decided to do, and in fact, I did it this afternoon. Phone rang. One of those numbers you know is a bill collector. Picked it up.


“Hello, is this Ms. Donovan?”

“Where are you from?”


“Nothing personal,” I said. “But when your company can get me someone from America to talk with, then I’ll deal with you. Good bye.”


So, friends, the theory is, the more the merrier. I ask you to join me in my jaunt down boycott lane: BRING IT BACK TO USA!


Outsourcing and Pirates?

I’ve had a bad day. The minor stuff wasn’t too bad — a student complained about the template I gave my class for their final reports (I told him in the work world he’s have to do what the boss wanted, regardless, so USE IT!!!! – I didn’t add “Or lose it,” as in flunking the paper due to poor attitude.) Then there was the fact that I forgot a whole ream of papers to hand back to my student: there’s always Monday. A few other aggravations slipped their way in, too, but they were so “noteworthy” that I don’t even remember them.

Now for the ta-da. I’ve been doing some SEO-type blogging and article writing for a “U.S. based,” but 99/100 Indian staffed company. I agreed to a RIDICULOUSLY low hourly rate because I need the work (money) and the India team wanted to it for about half that rate.

Okay, so, I’ve completed 4 blogs and 1 article, and I think they’re decent. I billed them for 7 hours and suddenly all hell broke loose, behind my line of vision, that it was too much. Okay, I’ll tell you. Promise you won’t throw rotten tomatoes at me, but I agreed to a rate of $12.50/hour, so doing the math, my first invoice was $100. And they’re balking.

At the moment I am outraged, and I am having trouble not saying some very unkind and ethnic things. My colleague, also American, says these folks want to jack the prices for U.S. customers sky-high – despite the recession – while they basically exploit their people to work at rates like $7.00 per hour and less.

Banish the Outsourcing Pirates
Banish the Outsourcing Pirates

So this is one of the BIG reasons why Americans are out of work. And it enrages me! These folks all over the world are sticking it to Americans while taking advantage of their own people to provide services and manufacture products that are out and out crap! Look at all the recalls and defects coming out of China! Try to read “English” written by Indians and other non-English speaking folks. Think about the sheer frustration of dealing with a customer service representative halfway across the world who you can’t even understand! They are pirating, gouging, and spewing pure greed all over the world.


Here’s an idea: in this era of seeking simplicity and cutting back, BOYCOTT THOSE COMPANIES THAT OUTSOURCE!!!

I’ve actually begun to hang up on these folks who speak with accents and say, when you have someone who can speak English call me, then I’ll deal with your company. Imagine if we all did that!!!