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A bit of a stray today, but a local fiasco involving law enforcement at its unwavering best has my mind corraled. Without prolonging the tale, it goes somethinglike this: off-duty cop hurtles down local highway at 2 am, slams into back of stalled car at 60 mph. Cop gets out of car, allegedly dazed due to head injury, and gets himself, not knowing how, home 10 miles (on foot?????) The plot thickens: cop doesn’t call to report his involvement until 9 hours later. In the meantime, the young woman in the car he hit is taken to the hospital where her in utero baby is delivered 15 weeks premature. Not done yet: if you look at the photos on the carsyou wonder how anyone made it out alive. The cop who took the call was from the same department as the cop who disappeared and he did not go through the accident scene procedures for a serious accident because he didn’t think it was that serious because no one was hurt seriously. In the meantime, there is this 15 week premature baby in the hospital fighting for her life.

The reason I bring this up today is that verdict in the two-week trial was read yesterday, and the cop was found guilty! YAY! Now, a few more goodies. The cop is arrogant as hell. He strutted his ass in and out of that courtroom every day with a smirk as if jeering at everyone. The chief of the department was quoted as saying, when asked if he was going to resign, “Who, me? I didn’t do anything wrong.” OMG! Sounds like a 10 year old child accused of stealing cookies from the cookie jar. And yesterday, the cops father (also a cop) confronted another cop who was involved in the investigation and challenged him to “step outside.” Stinky, smelly, yucky stuff.

Now, this is also really cool. The county DA is going to investigate the fiasco around this accident as orchestrated by the town police department where it occured.

This department has been suspect in many botched and sleazy episodes in recent years, so I must say I am gleeful that justice may be served.

Check out this clipping on the story.


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